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Executive Leaders Forum
The Path of a Leader Is Hard, Don't Travel Alone

Mental Health

Learn how to tend to your mental health and remain at your best.

Professional Life

Your professional life is just one part of your life, but you should make the most of it.

Family Life

Balancing family and work pressures is always tough, even more so when you choose to lead.


Our relationships fuel us. Learn how to grow and maintain healthy relationships while becoming a leader.


You are your best project. How you take care of yourself impacts everything else that you do.

What Is E.L.F ?

The Executive Leaders Forum is a cohort-based leadership accelerator. Utilizing Robert Zed’s decades of experience, we have developed a program that provides its members with unparalleled growth and development opportunities.


Accepted applicants will become part of a cohort of other Executive Leaders, individuals striving to create a meaningful impact in their careers, community, and personal relationships. Through the support, accountability and guidance that members receive from ELF facilitators and their cohort, major positive progress can be made in the Buckets of Life.


ELF Cohorts are a life-long commitment, and the deep friendships you’ll make within the program last just as long. If you are interested in taking charge of your career and being surrounded by a network of supportive and caring peers, please contact us today to see if the ELF program is a fit for you.

A Message from Robert
Triangle Strategies offers The Executive Leaders Forum (ELF), tailored to specific cohorts and the needs of participants delivered In a confidential facilitated environment. ELF helps leaders discover their chosen path to excellence and balance. Click below to reach out to me directly and let’s chat about the ELF Program and how together, we can propel you personally and professionally, to the next level.”

Robert Zed, Chairman and CEO, Triangle Strategies.

Joining ELF has changed my life. That is not an overstatement. In this year I have developed a level of focus that I have never experienced before. I have been able to connect and learn from inspiring peers, and these relationships have augmented my business and personal life. My ELF group holds me accountable in all aspects of my life, and it has resulted in one of the most productive and inspiring years of my life. ELF helps high achievers get to the next level. Period.

Andy Hay Owner ECK Media

I was a member of the very first pilot ELF group, and have been a member now for almost 5 years. My time in Forum has been absolutely transformative in a number of ways. I joined as an entry level marketing employee who wanted to start making videos, and now own a media company that works with some of the top brands in Canada and around the world. We've expanded from Halifax to a second office in Toronto, and I owe so much of this growth to the support and guidance I've received from my ELF cohort. I've learned to be a better businessman, partner, listener, and friend. In many ways, I feel like I've become a man through my growth in Forum.

Dave Culligan Founder & CEO - threesixfive Media Inc.

This group has created space for me to have open and honest discussion about my business and personal development. It's like having a team cheering me on and pushing me to excel by my own definition of success. Best decision I made this year was saying YES to this group and I am beyond appreciative of every single person in my group.

Poet Comeau Owner/Operator - Lake City Cider

What I love most about ELF is the focus on mental, emotional and physical health. Robert Zed is always quick to remind us that professional success is not possible unless you invest in all aspects of your life; family, health, relationships, etc. With the encouragement and support from my forum members, I have not just survived but thrived in the last three years through two children, breast cancer, COVID and starting my own business. The encouragement, support, advice and, when needed, the challenges my group provided as I started my first business is one of the main reasons for its early success.

Melanie S. Clarke (She/Her) Diversity and Inclusion Consultant
Melanie Clarke Consulting

Working with Robert has been as stimulating as at has been beneficial to my career. His ability to assess a situation and provide clear and constructive feedback is unlike anyone I've had the pleasure of working with. His experience and approach to group dynamics have allowed me to stretch as an individual from both a professional and personal perspective while also allowing me to contribute to the ELF community. I highly recommend anyone interested in "levelling up" consider joining ELF. You will not be disappointed!

Matt Cooper

The Executive Leaders Forum has transformed my world - the quality of insights from both Robert and my forum mates have been invaluable. I've also made some lifelong friends along the way - would highly recommend!

Jennifer Wagner President - CarbonCure Technologies

“The Emerging Leaders Forum is like no other leadership development I have ever done. It gets to the heart of building your leadership skills and knowledge because you have the support of Robert Zed who is such a dynamic and authentic leader, as well as a group of your forum leaders who are there to push you to reflect and grow differently. It is by far the most influential leadership development I have done to date!”

Carrie Jeffries

The connection, insight, and value that I’ve gained from being part of this team (particularly during these unprecedented times our history), has been priceless. I would not hesitate in recommending the ELF forum to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level. When you are among others who have been on a similar journey, I didn’t become a World Champion & Olympic Medalist by staying at my home rowing club, I had to take a leap of faith and move to the national team training were I could train and learn from athletes with similar ambitions and from those who were much more experienced. Joining ELF has definitely upped my game in business in this same way.

Tracy Cameron

"ELF has been such a positive element of my recent leadership journey. My forum peers and moderator Robert Zed have provided an outlet to work through progress, setbacks, and change at both professional and personal levels. The design of the programming is very thoughtful and I feel very fortunate to be a member. I would recommend ELF to any leader that is ready to unlock more of their potential."

Andrew Russell Made With Local